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November 07, 2008
In this issue:
» Top Picks: Watches Under $400 11.08
» Dating Advice: If a guy's been married, how should he bring it up? When is a good time?
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  Top picks: Watches Under $400 11.08  

Keep Time, Attract Beautiful Women all the Time

The panelists have spoken. Good news -- you don't have to wear a Rolex to impress the ladies. A $400 investment will get you a solid watch/lady-magnet. Silver and single-color, leather bands make a great impression. The panel chose classic, clean looks. Don't get trendy here and leave pocket watches with Ben Franklin in the 1700's.

Imagine this scenario with that woman you check out on the train every day:
You: Do you have the time?
Her: Hmm, let me fumble through my purse for my Razr...
You: Oh wait, I do (flash your Burberry stainless steel watch). Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?
Her: Yes! I love your watch.

You may use your iPhone to tell time, but every man should own a proper wristwatch, even if it is only a statement piece. Women notice...and they like a nice watch.

Don't risk watch shopping without the panel. Check out the panel's complete ratings and comments to find what women really want when it comes to timepieces.

Top Picks: Watches Under $400 11.08 (based on ratings from all women on the site)

Rated 4.78 of 5 Rated 4.22 of 5 Rated 3.78 of 5 Rated 3.78 of 5 Rated 3.67 of 5

Shopping tips on Watches Under $400 11.08

I feel like I always notice a guy's watch. Accessories are a bit more intimate than clothing.
Joanna :
I love, love, love watches on a guy. I think watches are classy, but they can be fun and sporty. Big leather bands, big faces: I love it all!
Love guys with watches! It gives you one less reason to whip out your cell phone during a date. I like a classy band, usually either solid color leather or metal and a simple face. I mean, really, what else do you use your watch for besides time?
Dating Advice

Question: If a guy's been married, how should he bring it up? When is a good time?

As soon as possible! Don't lead girls on, please!
He should just be honest and up front about it from the get go. If it bothers the woman, then you should want to know this from the beginning and not waste your time or hers.
Keep it real from the get go.