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September 30, 2008
In this issue:
» Top Picks: Stylish Storage for Bachelors 9.08
» Dating Advice: How often should a guy talk to his mom on the phone? What are the tell tale signs of a mamma's boy?
  Top picks: Stylish Storage for Bachelors 9.08  

Stylish Storage for Bachelors

Every man needs his space. Every woman appreciates a bachelor pad that doesn't look like a disaster area. So, how do you reconcile the two? One word....leather. Leather valet trays from casual stores, like the Colby Leather Valet from Pottery Barn or the Charging Valet from Target, received top ratings from the ladies on our panel. With compartments for keys to charging stations for cell phones, these are the ultimate in organization, while still guaranteeing she'll know that a man lives there.

What more could you ask for? Check out our panelists' comments and ratings and find ways to store you stuff in style.

Top Picks: Stylish Storage for Bachelors 9.08 (based on ratings from all women on the site)

Rated 4.36 of 5 Rated 4.27 of 5 Rated 4.09 of 5 Rated 4.09 of 5 Rated 4.00 of 5

Shopping tips on Stylish Storage for Bachelors 9.08

I think leather is better than wood; it's more masculine. Baskets are girly. If you're doing multiple leather pieces, don't mix black and brown.
Joanna :
I think this is a great way for guys to get organized. These pieces are stylish enough to put out there for everyone to see while hiding things that don't need to be seen. This is a must have for any guy at any age!
Organization is such an important thing so I really like when a guy has all his stuff in some sort of order.
  Dating Advice

Question: How often should a guy talk to his mom on the phone? What are the tell tale signs of a mamma's boy?

Unless you are making plans or something has happened I don't think you should talk to anyone more than one time a day. Also when you are on a date don't talk to your mom on the phone. Its cute but girls want to know that they are the only woman at the moment that has your attention. We all know that your mom is more important but guys just play the role sometime.
I personally do not find anything wrong with a mamma's boy if the mamma is nice to me. If she's nice talk 2 times a day, anything above that might be a little too close for comfort. You can tell how a man treats you, by the way he treats their mother so you better hope their close!
talk to your mom a couple times a week. mama's boy if she is still making you lunches and you go home with laundry...