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September 16, 2008
In this issue:
» Top Picks: Accessories 9.08
» Grooming Advice: Should guys shave their chests? What about their backs?
  Top picks: Accessories 9.08  

How to accessorize like a man

Mr. T., John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever", Flavor Flav .... there is one common denominator here .... too much bling. So, how do you wear accessories without looking like one of the above? The women on our panel are unanimous, "Keep it simple." Understated pieces in silver tones, such as the Tiffany Metropolis ring and 1837 I.D. stretch bracelet topped the product ratings, as well as the Dolce and Gabbana Proud I.D. bracelet.

Check out the top picks for yourself, and read the comments for more ideas on how to accessorize like a man.

Top Picks: Accessories 9.08 (based on ratings from all women on the site)

Rated 4.30 of 5 Rated 4.10 of 5 Rated 4.00 of 5 Rated 3.90 of 5 Rated 3.70 of 5

Shopping tips on Accessories 9.08

I think it takes a special style to pull off jewelry -- especially rings. I would say keep it simple and only wear one piece if you're out, and maybe more at the office. David Yurman has the best selection by far for men, so look there as well...
Joanna :
I think accessories are good as long they're not too much. I think if a guy wears a ring, that should be the only thing he is wearing. Less is more! But don't be scared to wear it!
I am not a fan of bracelets, necklaces and rings for guys. It is ok, when you are in your teenage years or early twenties. Otherwise stick to a nice watch (and a wedding ring if applicable).
  Grooming Advice

Question: Should guys shave their chests? What about their backs?

Honesty is the best way to go. -Personally I know of a lot of women who do NOT like a lot of hair. I can't speak for the women who differ, but guys should go with NO hair! Woman love to caress you're toned nice sexy bod! Either impress her or not.
I think guys should wax ther chest if they want to remove the hair. I hate when I lay on a guys bare chest and his stubble is sticking into me. Also if the back in out of control hairy the same applies. Trimming is also fine. Guys we want to rub your body just try to make it feel a little nice. xoxo
Depends on the intensity of hair. A little bit of chest hair is sexy, whereas sweater-like chest hair is just too much!