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August 26, 2008
In this issue:
» Top Picks: Motoryachts 8.08
» Dating Advice: How should a guy deal with an awkward silence on a first date?
  Top picks: Motoryachts 8.08  

Yachts attractive women love

Shocking news....women like yachts....duh. But we went into this wondering if there were some preferences and we found them. Just to be safe, stick with 70 feet or larger. Some panelists might feel cramped on something more compact.

The Meridian 459 was the bargain among the top rated with a price below 500K. Just about everything else was in the $1 to $5 Million range. So does a guy need to be a billionaire to impress women with a yacht?, but being a millionaire helps since 500K is about as little as you can spend and filling up the tank on any of these will cost over 10K. . Want to see which yachts rated highest with your type of woman? Check out the panel's comments and ratings.

Top Picks: Motoryachts 8.08 (based on ratings from all women on the site)

Rated 4.83 of 5 Rated 4.75 of 5 Rated 4.67 of 5 Rated 4.42 of 5 Rated 4.33 of 5

Shopping tips on Motoryachts 8.08

I love love yachts. They are such a great time. I love any type of water sports that these boats provide. I mostly like to lounge and dance in the sun on them.
Yachts are all the same as far as I am concerned... I guess maybe to some women bigger is better -- but you already knew that.
Joanna :
I love the water and I love big yachts. If you can afford this, thats a plus. If you can't I can settle for something MUCH smaller.
  Dating Advice

Question: How should a guy deal with an awkward silence on a first date?

Ask questions about topics that you can relate to your life. I enjoy to travel so I may ask where was your favorite vacation. Then I will tell a story about my favorite vacations. Just be genuinely interested in the other person and things will go fine. Also don't be judgmental or abrasive on a first date.
Try to ask really open ended questions. If she still doesn't respond well, realize sometimes there just isn't a connection.
two people on a first date don't know anything about eachother so there really shouold not be much silence.There should be alot of talking, alot of getting to know one another...the only time I have experienced this "awkward silence"is when I am not hitting it off with someone...