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October 22, 2008
In this issue:
» Top Picks: Spring '09, Men's Outfits From The Runway
» Dating Advice: Is there such a thing as too poor? Would you consider dating a guy who wasn't successful?
  Top picks: Spring '09, Men's Outfits From The Runway  

Men's Outfits from the Runway & Do Women Think You're Poor?

There is a fine line between a well-dressed straight man (with help) and a well-dressed gay man (with naturally impeccable taste). It is obviously important not to cross that line if you want to pick up women. Bravo for needing help for spring '09. Straight men who want to learn how to dress well are hot.

A man in a well-tailored suit is every woman's kryptonite. Stay hip with classic suits from DKNY, Calvin Klein and Band of Outsiders. Or for something more casual, go for a jacket from Gilded Age. All of these are featured in our top-picks section. Want to see what else women loved for spring '09? Check out the complete ratings.

Top Picks: Spring '09, Men's Outfits From The Runway (based on ratings from all women on the site)

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Shopping tips on Spring '09, Men's Outfits From The Runway

For spring 2009, go for grays, khakis and neutral colors. Try pops of color in accent pieces. The fitted suit will be popular. Grab a great khaki or gray trench that is more fitted rather than Mr. Gadget for the cooler days. The whole dressed-down suit look will remain on the scene for spring. Try a jacket/vest/tie with some denim, a linen shirt and some light-colored loafers.
Joanna :
Men, don't be afraid to dress "outside the box." Classic suits are always the way to go; you look sharp and sophisticated. Casual linen pants, blazers, anything is possible! Not too tight, or too loose.
There are a lot of great ideas but remember that these are runway looks. They are a great place to start but you need to take these looks and incorporate them into your style. The most important thing is for you to feel good about what you're in!
Dating Advice

Question: Is there such a thing as too poor? Would you consider dating a guy who wasn't successful?

No such thing. There is so much that is more important than being rich! While girls like gifts, they also just like to be treated right. I think that if you don't have the money, then you just have to be more creative in presentation. Walks in the park, romantic dinners at home, etc.
I have been with both very rich men and very poor men. I was NOT happier with the "rich" guys. If a guy makes me laugh, I certainly am not gonna laugh harder if we are in a Porsche vs. a Toyota. Money can't buy happiness. The Beatles sing it well: "Money can't buy me love." You can't put a price tag on true love.
I would date a guy who didn't make a lot of money but I wouldn't date someone who wasn't successful and not trying -- meaning someone who is content on just getting by, living off others. That's a no no, but a guy who is trying and busts his tail to make a future for himself I can totally respect.