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Products guaranteed to make a good impression on nearly ALL women
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Recent Ratings: Summer Dresses 6.10 | Womens Team Apparel 5.10 | Women's Bathing Suits 4.10 | Stationery 3.10 | Vacation Spots in the U.S.A. 2.10 | Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10 | Gifts for the Host or Hostess Under $25 1.10 | Stocking Stuffers Under $50 12.09 | Plastique* Jewelry 12.09 | CinSummer Accessories 8.09 | More: 

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Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10

Rated three stars or better

Manicure and Pedicure Gift Card

Victoria's Secret, The Valentine Pajama

Swarovski Harlequin Ring, gold-plated

Swarovski Brilliance Set

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Eau de Parfum Spray

Red Envelope Sculpted Jewelry Tree

Coach Blocked Op Art Oblong Scarf

Victoria's Secret Dotty Heart Hiphugger

Noir Jewelry

We Go Together, Inseparable Hearts Paperweight

Dooney & Bourke Crystal Sport Watch

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Farhana on Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10: There are many cute sentimental things to do and give to your girl on Valentine's Day that don't have to be expensive. If you really listen to your girl I am sure that she will let you in on... more

Anastasia on Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10: I think this is difficult, because it depends on the woman's taste. What one likes, the other might hate. I love the Coach scarf, because you can wear it or tie it on your bag. The mani pedi card... more

Aly on Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10: Chocolates and flowers are nice--but they require no thought. When getting a Valentine's day gift, always buy something that is personal and would reflect your relationship.

Christine on Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10: Keep the gifts simple; perfume, a nice set of earrings, chocolates, or a gift card to a spa are all excellent choices. Make sure to take her to a nice restaurant or stay in and make a romantic... more

Joanna on Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10: Guys, let's shy away from the normal and be creative! Girls love things out of the ordinary and we like to know that you tried to pick something different!

Jenna on Creative Valentine's Day Gifts Under $100 2.10: All jewlery is good. I wouldn't get a girl perfume unless you know it's one she either wants or wears all the time. Women are very particular about their scents. I would also veer from things that... more