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Plastique* Jewelry 12.09

Rated three stars or better

Plastique* Suspension Diamond Ring, Black Acrylic and Clear Cubic Zirconia

Plastique* Inverted Diamond Ring, Blue Acrylic and Clear Cubic Zirconia

Plastique* Suspension Diamond Ring, Opal/White Acrylic and Black Cubic Zirconia

Plastique* Acrylic Turntable Necklace

Plastique* Acrylic 'Insert Your Own Photo' Acrylic Necklace

Plastique* KERN Rings

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Brittani Pippin on Plastique* Jewelry 12.09: make sure the jewelry will have meaning and it's not just random.

Joanna on Plastique* Jewelry 12.09: This jewelry is very immature and childish and cheap looking. It is funky, but I think their is a way to be innovative and funky rather than wearing plastic jewelry that can be easily broken.