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Recent Ratings: Artwork 6.10 | Accent Chairs 5.10 | Bar Stools 4.10 | Comforter Sets Under $150 3.10 | Frames 2.10 | Coasters 1.10 | Mirrors 11.09 | Couches Under $1,000 12.09 | Dressers 10.09 | Beds 9.09 | More: 

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Couches Under $1,000 12.09

Rated three stars or better

Target Copenhagen Mahogany 4 Pc Sofa with Ottoman

Crate and Barrel Troy Sofa

Ikea Arild Sofa

The "Wales" 100% Leather Sofa

Crate and Barrel Hennessy Sofa

CB2 Movie Sofa

West Elm Goodwin 68" Sofa

Liked by: Molly Joanna Sekhinda
Crate and Barrel The Nines Apartment Sofa

Havertys New London Sofa

Liked by: Sekhinda Aly Erin Joanna
JCPenney Winston Sofa

Urban Outfitters Either/Or Convertible Sofa

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Brittani Pippin on Couches Under $1,000 12.09: Although you want a good couch that looks classy, we may also need to remember that it may not be comfy.

Erin on Couches Under $1,000 12.09: Too plain and contemporary. Even though some of these are expensive, they still have a cheapy look.

Aly on Couches Under $1,000 12.09: While the majority of guys would think the most important piece in the living room is the television, I would say the most essential piece of furniture is the couch. When purchasing a couch, one... more

Joanna on Couches Under $1,000 12.09: The couch is the focal point of the room, so make sure that it matches with everything in your apartment and that the couch says something about you. Do not be afraid to throw pillows on it or a... more