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LocationLittle Neck,NY
CharitySusan G. Komen for the Cure Donate


Artwork 6.10|Accent Chairs 5.10|Bar Stools 4.10|Comforter Sets Under $150 3.10|Frames 2.10|Coasters 1.10|Mirrors 11.09Couches Under $1,000 12.09 |Dressers 10.09|User Added (Pad)|Beds 9.09|Home Accessories 8.09|Coffee tables 8.09|Outdoor Table Sets 7.09|Desks Under $400 6.09|Bedding Under $300 5.09|Media Center Under $500 4.09|Occasional Chair for Bachelor Pad 3.09|Glassware for Bachelors 12.08|Home Accessories for Bachelors Under $100 11.08 |Area Rugs 10.08|Stylish Storage for Bachelors 9.08|Desks 8.08|Wetbars 7.08|Bedding for Bachelors 6.08|Couches under $1,000 6.08|Bachelor Wall Decor 5.08|Dishes for Bachelors 4.08|Clock Radios 3.08|Shower Curtains 3.08|Coffee Table Books 2.08|Universal Remotes 2.08|Leather Couches 1.08|Floorlamps 1.08|Bedspreads 1.08|Trash Bins 11.07

Funky Couch. Love the color!

I love the style of this couch but hate the... more

I typically do not like brown couches, however... more

I do not like the pillows but the couch is nice.

I love the grey color on this couch. I also... more

I think this couch is great because of the... more

I like the studs on the couch.

I hate the different browns (couch and legs)... more


Couches Under $1,000 12.09: The couch is the focal point of the room, so make sure that it matches with everything in your apartment and that the couch says something about you. Do not be afraid to throw pillows on it or a... more