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Sunglasses 4.10

Rated three stars or better

Carrera Champion in Crystal/Black

Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Gucci Logo Temple Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Square Wrap Aviator Sunglasses

Mosley Tribes Aviatrix

Ray-Ban Oversized Wayfarer

Plastic Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Liked by: Joanna Aly Erin
Small Butterfly Shield Sunglasses

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Aly on Sunglasses 4.10: Unlike most accessories, sunglasses do actually serve a purpose. They are meant to protect your eyes. Therefore, you should have at least one pair that does precisely that. Personally, I buy... more

Anastasia on Sunglasses 4.10: Find something that works for your head and face - that's number one. Ray-Ban is the best brand, in my opinion, because they have lots of different shapes, they fit well, last a long time and are... more

Celeste on Sunglasses 4.10: Call me old fashioned, but for sunglasses, just go with what works for your face, and make sure the glasses aren't too over-the-top. And remember that just because something's got a name brand or... more

Joanna on Sunglasses 4.10: I love love love sunglasses on a man. I think it makes them so much more attractive and mysterious. Stay away from too big or too small sunglasses. Most raybans are great for men. I also like... more