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Sandals 6.10|Swim Trunks 6.10|Spring Jackets 4.10Sunglasses 4.10 |Fall Jackets 11.09|Underwear 10.09|Boots for Jeans 10.09|Belts 10.09|Jeans 9.09|Watches 9.09|Laptop bags 8.09|Bathing Suits Under $100 5.09|Spring T-Shirts Under $100 5.09|T-shirts 7.08|Sunglasses 7.08|Superbowl Announcer Suits |Laptop Bags 1.08|Matching Products 1|Matching Products 2
I would think this guy is pretty stylish and... more

sporty cool


these are nice, but again, only a few guys can... more

simple and clean. can't really go wrong with these

too flashy. Ugh, I'm not a fan of big logos... more

the brown and gold aren't doing it for me here.

preppy and trying too hard

nice, but they look too much like the pair... more

mmm, nah, I just can't get with gold frames on... more

these are nice, but being such a big and dark... more


Sunglasses 4.10: Call me old fashioned, but for sunglasses, just go with what works for your face, and make sure the glasses aren't too over-the-top. And remember that just because something's got a name brand or... more