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Artwork 6.10|Accent Chairs 5.10|Bar Stools 4.10|Comforter Sets Under $150 3.10|Frames 2.10|Coasters 1.10|Mirrors 11.09|Couches Under $1,000 12.09|Home Accessories 8.09

Artwork 6.10

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Accent Chairs 5.10

Accent Chair- it's all there in its name- It is supposed to accent a room. While you can never go wrong with playing it safe when purchasing a couch, I would strongly recommend seeking out a chair... more 
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Bar Stools 4.10

Bar stools first and foremost should be comfortable. Like a sofa, guests should feel comfortable while sitting on it. While comfort is a main factor, style should also be considered when... more 
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Comforter Sets Under $150 3.10

Like anything else in your home, you want your comforter to be practical as well as stylish. For me there are very few things that are as important as my bed- So when purchasing a comfortable,... more 
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Frames 2.10

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Coasters 1.10

Every home should always have coasters for not only practical purposes but also for aesthetics. Whether you have a glass table or a wooden table, coasters go a long way in protecting each surface.... more 
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Mirrors 11.09

A great way to create the illusion of space is through mirrors. If you have a small space that feels cramped, go for a mirror that creates space by accenting its surrounding. Unless you are going... more 
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Couches Under $1,000 12.09

While the majority of guys would think the most important piece in the living room is the television, I would say the most essential piece of furniture is the couch. When purchasing a couch, one... more 
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Home Accessories 8.09

Having great home accessories is truly one way to display your sense of style and personality. From the color of your walls to the art you hang - every piece in your home makes a statement to... more 
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