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Boys & Their Toys
Kiteboards 6.10|Computer Monitors 5.10|Briefcases 4.10|Humidors 3.10|Luggage Under $200 2.10|2010 Luxury SUV's|BMW Convertibles 12.09|Cameras 10.09|Hot Telephones 9.09|Hot Cellphones 8.09|User Added (Garage)|Sailboats 7.09|Rims 6.09|Flasks 5.09|Pickup Trucks|Skateboard Deck Graphics 3.09|Exotic Cars 1-09|Colors, Mercedes C-Class|Colors, BMW 3 Series|Stretched Limos 10.08|Japanese Sportscars 9.08|Motoryachts 8.08Ezra's Cars |Scooters 7.08|Sport Bikes 6.08|Eco friendly cars for GUYS 5.08|2008 Convertibles 4.08|Soviet Era Cars 3.08|Rims 2.08|Harleys 1.08|2008 SUVs 12.07
I love the shape of this car. Its smooth and... more

I love the red ! The front shape of the car &... more

I love the sleek color ! The classic shape is... more

I love the shiny blue color, very eye catching... more

I really like the body and style of the car. ... more

I do not like the overall style or color of... more

I do not like the color or style of this car.

I do not like the body or style of this car. ... more

I do not like the shape & size of the car.


Ezra's Cars: I prefer the more recent models like the BMW, Audi, or Nissan GT. I love the shape and style of these cars the best ! They have electric and impressive body designs that is eye-catching and... more