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Q: How can a guy tell if a woman is into him only for his money?
A: Signs of a woman only into you for the money: when she drops name brand items she likes all the time. Then asks you to buy her top-notch items such as expensive jewelry, high end designer clothes, perfume, luxuries (one of a kind pieces), dining out at posh restaurants, convincing you to get her into exclusive events, and so on. The signs of a woman into you only for the money always start?s slowly at the early stages of your relationship and progresses even more later on. So remember to watch out ! Don't say you haven't been warned . . . .

Q: How should a guy deal with an awkward silence on a first date?
A: Guys should be the gentleman and initiate a conversation. Just step up to the plate! Its crucial on a first date to talk first. For example, tell her a joke or funny story to break the ice. Other suggestions is tell her something about yourself. For example, things that interest you, one of your personal aspirations, things you like to do for fun, etc. This will get the date going and break the awkward silence. Eventually, both of you will start talking to one another! But if she does not reciprocate a lot as you have. Give it some time and go with the flow. You don't want to pressure it on her so much. She might be nervous, something on her mind; maybe she doesn't like something about the date (the food or place), she?s just shy at the moment, etc. Eventually the awkward silence will resolve itself. Both parties just need to get into a comfortable zone. Once that happens the hard part is over, and you'll be getting to know more about each other in no time!

Q: Where's a good place to get together for the first time if you were meeting from an online dating site or something like myspace?
A: Some good places to meet would be a coffee setting, casual restaurant, pool hall, or a local hip hang out spot. Basically where I know there is other people around! I would definitely invite the guy to come meet me at a place I know if I were to meet someone from an on-line dating site. Also, I would invite my friends to come along, and tell him to bring some of his friends too. This is a safety precaution for meeting in person for the first time. This way we can get to know each other and mingle with each other friends. If we hit do it off, signaling our friends for some alone time is always possible . . . . And if it doesn't work out, call it a night ! Both parties can leave with there friends.

Q: It's you and two friends. Two guys approach and you and your friend hit it off with the two guys, but the third woman is getting upset and asking to go home. How should the guys handle it? What advice would you give guys dealing with an uneven ratio who don't want to just get a number and say goodbye?
A: My advice : fella?s you should definitely try to approach girls with an even ratio of friends if opportunity a rises. In those uneven ratio situations my best suggestion is to try to talk to everyone in the group, mingle, hang out for a bit and not leave any one singled out. This will show the group of girls that you don?t just want to score two particular numbers. Then if there is opportunity for you to talk to the girl in the group on a one on one basis surely the girls will definitely let you know. For example, the girl who doesn?t hit it off with any of the guys will most likely step aside. She will find something to do . . . . Major Tip : But don?t push or rush the situation so much to push the girl who is left out to leave right away. From my personal experiences us girls (with good characters) will never leave one of our friends left out. The more haste and obvious you are about getting you and your buddy a date for the night with an uneven group of ladies, the more you will push the whole group of girls away. The girls might not even let you approach them! So watch for signals, be patient, and get to know the whole group is my main advice. In the end the two couples who hit it off, will find a way somehow to make the uncomfortable situation right accordingly.

Q: What do you think about clothes that prominently display the designer's name on the item? What kind of impression does this make on a guy? When is something too flashy?
A: I think it is too much when designers display their name all over their clothing. Its really showy and immature. It?s the quality, constancy, and trustworthiness of a clothing line that matters. The impression it would make on me if a guy only wore clothes that showed off certain brand names is it would make a very bad impression on me. Its displays he is closed minded, a follower of the latest trend, and only wear certain labels to show off his wealth. To me it?s how you wear clothes and express your individual style through what you wear that make?s a very good impression.

Q: How many partners would a guy need to sleep with to be considered a manwhore?
A: If he is sleeping with multiple partners in a couple of weeks. I would say 2-3 girls in a one month time period. Or changing new partners every week. It would classify him as a manwhore, because it would be a pattern that a guy can't stay with one girl for at least a couple of months.

Q: Is a guy who buys you more than one drink at a bar trying to get you drunk or just being nice?"
A: In all faireness, a minimum of two drinks is ok for a guy to buy for a girl at the bar in my opinion. If a guy exceeds to offering to buy more then that amount on him, yes to most level headed girls it seems that the guy is wanting to get you drunk ! Especially, if you've just met that night at the bar. Also in retrospect it also depends on the girl's morals and personality. Some girls go to the bar wanting to get wasted. So they really don't care how many drunks you buy her. It really does depend on the type of girl you get meet.

Q: Have you ever accepted a date with a guy just to be nice? What happened?
A: Yes I have accepted a date with a guy just to be nice. The main reason : it was a new change of date scene for me. I just wanted to date and meet people I usually don?t normally go for. And the guy also really wanted me to give him a chance. So I did and we went out on one date. What ended happen was we never hung out after that. We just didn?t have a lot of things in common . . . . Though we still remain friends and talk every once in a long while. So the good thing that came out of it was I made a cool new friend !

Q: Should guys shave their chests? What about their backs?
A: Definitely no ! That means no shaving of chests or backs. It might seem like a quick fix for guys to get ride of that unwanted hair, trying to impress that special someone in your life right? It will be a bad mistake ! Yes be warned, it may seem like a good idea in the beginning. In the long run your body hair shaved will get even hairier. Even growing back two times thicker ! This is experiences I've heard people have encountered . . . . Unless you want to be remembered for being a hairy beast in the future. My answer is to not resort to shaving. Try waxing. There are also other ways of painless hair removal. You just got to do a little research ! Maybe I will tell you the secret . . . Nah, come back & visit. Then the answer is yours !

Q: What kind of guy can pull off bald? What kind can't?
A: Tall guys that are 5'8 - 6 feet. Atheletic build physiques. Long oval faces with good bone structure can pull off the bald look. Guys who can't : height under 5'7 or shorter heights, with round faces, or a big forhead, stocky build (not in tip top form or shape), From the guys I've known its harder for a guy with shorter heights to pull off the bald look. Guys with a medium height 5'7 might be able to pull the look depending on factoring in their physical features and build size.