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2009 Nissan GT-R

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Comments and ratings from women who rated 2009 Nissan GT-R:

Farhana gave it

Nissan makes some really good sports cars. I wish I wasn't so girly and actually new a bit more about it.
Nosheen gave it

Fun and sexy. Sports cars are always a great choice...especially in red.
Celeste gave it

I love a good fast car like this. But you have to let me drive it :-)
Molly gave it

Hot car! I love something fun that we can race around in!
Mziko gave it

Christine gave it

Cara Maria gave it

Sekhinda gave it

I really like the body and style of the car. The color is very appealing & eye catching !
Ekta gave it

sporty, and would suit a guy under 35
Katie gave it

Kristie gave it

Sau gave it

Joanna gave it

Arianna gave it

mari gave it

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