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2008 BMW 135i

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 (15 votes)
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Comments and ratings from women who rated 2008 BMW 135i :

Farhana gave it

BMWs will never go out of style. The smooth ride and luxury features always puts this car on the A list.
Sekhinda gave it

I love the red ! The front shape of the car & body is very electric & eye catching !
Katie gave it

I love this car but not in red - silver or black is best.
Joanna gave it

Classic. Elegant. Need I say more!
Nosheen gave it

This is very a classy car.
Ekta gave it

Mziko gave it

Christine gave it

Arianna gave it

love it! for a girl.. too small for a guy.
Kristie gave it

Sau gave it

Cara Maria gave it

Celeste gave it

I like Beamers, they're nice and a good sign that someone is doing well in life. But I never dream of being swept off my feet by a man in a BMW.
Molly gave it

Fun, nice, but a car for someone in their 30s. It's a little too safe for me.
mari gave it