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Women's Bathing Suits 4.10

Rated three stars or better

Shimmer Push-up Bikini

Mondrian One-Piece Swimsuit

Bright Stripe Twist Bikini

Dripped Rainbow Two-Piece

Balconet Top with Cheeky Bottom

Bandeau Top with Matching Bottoms

Nearly Nautical Bikini

Retro Tankini Top with Matching Bottoms

Liked by: Aly Sekhinda Joanna Erin
Tropical Print Monokini

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Anastasia on Women's Bathing Suits 4.10: General advice - keep it simple (color-wise). Something of a neutral color with a bit of padding is perfect.

Celeste on Women's Bathing Suits 4.10: Be very very careful when buying a woman a swimsuit. Certain swimsuits only work for certain body types, and women know what look would work on them from years of experience. It's probably best... more

Joanna on Women's Bathing Suits 4.10: Bathing suits are great in all different colors and shapes. Just remember to watch out for REALLY bad tan lines!