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Beds 9.09

Rated three stars or better

Crate and Barrel Abbott Bed

Eco Chic Bed

Borgeois Bed

Baja Storage Bed

Crate and Barrel Del Re Bed

Winston Cal-King Size Bed

Nova Platform Bed

Ikea Malm Bed Frame

Crate and Barrel Elan Bed

Restoration Hardware Warner Upholstered Bed

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Nicole on Beds 9.09: Let's put it this way: Big, beautiful, made beds are inviting. If you can get her/him there, the bed might possess some kind of persuasion. I can't say this enough, "Spend some money on your bed,... more

Molly on Beds 9.09: As important as the bed frame is, the mattress is also important! Note: Water beds are NEVER acceptable.

Joanna on Beds 9.09: Beds are the focus point of a bedroom. Make sure that you have your mattress on something and not just the floor. If you can't afford an expensive bed stick with Ikea or really nice bedding.

Dana on Beds 9.09: I'm a huge furniture whore - i really notice and appreciate a guy who knows how to decorate a room and has good taste in furniture. I like dark wood for the most part and sleek, low profile... more

Celeste on Beds 9.09: A guy who has a nice bed appears to have his stuff together more than a guy who has a mattress on the floor. But in the end, if you're a single man and your bed is made, I would not judge you.

Jenna on Beds 9.09: A simple bed with a sleek line shows you have style. All of these beds are beautiful!

Brittani Pippin on Beds 9.09: Beds tell a lot about a guy, the darker more classic, the more romantic, the brighter, the more fun a person is.