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Dana's favorites
Lacoste Essential - the fragrance is light, cool, sexy but not overpowering, fresh and playful. it makes me think of a guy who is confident but doesn't take himself too seriously, he's masculine but modern and stylish.

jack daniels and seven up
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music, reading, running and basketball, playing with my dog, wine and imported beers, weird movies on netflix, going to concerts, and hanging out at home with friends.

Comments on fashion:

I love Banana Republic for men's dress clothing - the style of their clothes is more fitted and narrow than a lot of brands, and their colors and styles are always classic, sleek, sexy, and never too busy - especially for dress shirts and slacks. For more casual looks, I really like Converse on men - their styles are cool but never over the top "hip" and they just make a guy look comfortable but still stylish. I like guys to dress in a way that fits their personality but also be versatile. I think its sexy when a guy can dress up and look stylish to go out but then look and be just as confident in a tshirt and jeans the next day. I'm not big on accessories for men, but a nice watch, simple cufflinks, or a tasteful ring is definitely something I would notice about a guy. Shoes are also something I notice - if a guy cares about his shoes, and actually takes the time to wear shoes that go with his outfit, that really impresses me. For the most part, I appreciate men who have a versatile wardrobe that includes a lot of classic, simple pieces that he knows how to wear in different ways. a fitted white tshirt, levis, and sneakers can be just as sexy as an armani shirt and pants if you know how to wear them right. I like men's fashion to be subtle, minimal, and never looking like they're "trying too hard" to be fashionable or trendy.

on a woman like Dana...

Levi's Capital E 'Harrison' Relaxed Straight Leg Jeans
Bulova Men's Automatic Watch
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Matching Products 1: I think it's important to never wear more than one item of clothing that really stands out. If a guy is wearing fancy shoes, I would hope the rest of the outfit is simple and understated, or if... more

Watches 9.09: I like when a guy has at least one dressy and one more casual watch. I don't like extremely "blingy" or flashy accessories on men, I appreciate classy and sophisticated watches for the most part.

Jeans 9.09: I hate when guys wear really baggy jeans, I think its sexy when a guy is comfortable wearing jeans that actually fit him. I like darker washes in general but I don't like overly "faded" or "worn"... more