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Guy's Jewelry 3.10

Rated three stars or better

Tungsten Carbon Fiber Band

David Yurman Picasso Jasper Inlay Ring

D&G Bottle Opener Bracelet

Rope and Leather Bracelet

D&G Warning Ring

Single Sterling Silver Ridge-Edge Dog Tag Necklace w/t Ball Link Chain

Gucci Branded Chain Bracelet

King Baby Onyx Bead Bracelet with MB Cross in Black/Silver

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Anastasia on Guy's Jewelry 3.10: Keep it super super simple! I generally don't like rings at all unless it's a simple band. No necklaces, either. Bracelets are the best bet - metallic is best, dark wood could work, too.

Molly on Guy's Jewelry 3.10: I'm not a big fan of guys wearing jewelry. Unless it has significant meaning to you, my suggestion is keep it simple.

Joanna on Guy's Jewelry 3.10: I think jewelry is really tricky on guys. Make sure to stay away from anything too girly. Necklaces are always a good idea.

Aly on Guy's Jewelry 3.10: No girl wants to be outdone by her guy when it comes to jewelry- therefore, if you must don jewelery keep it simple by going with a masculine ring, watch or bracelet. The Jasper Inlay ring by... more