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Boys & Their Toys
Kiteboards 6.10|Briefcases 4.10|Cameras 10.09|Hot Telephones 9.09|Hot Cellphones 8.09|Flasks 5.09Ezra's Cars |Harleys 1.08
Audis are great cars all around, and the... more

I love a good fast car like this. But you... more

I like the vintage sports care, especially one... more

Hey, these are good cars, and back when they... more

Another good solid car for me. It's nice, yet... more

M3s have been one of my favorite cars for many... more

I would never hate on a guy who drives a smart... more

I like Beamers, they're nice and a good sign... more

A little too vintage for me. Borderline Hoopty.


Ezra's Cars: Let's face it, the common thought is that you are what you drive. And as fun as it would be to drive around in a pretty and speedy sports car all the time, it's not practical. With gas and the... more