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Boys & Their Toys
Kiteboards 6.10|Briefcases 4.10|Cameras 10.09|Hot Telephones 9.09Hot Cellphones 8.09 |Flasks 5.09|Ezra's Cars|Harleys 1.08
So hot right now!

From what I've heard, this one is pretty hot,... more

I like Blackberries, so this would strike a... more

looks nice, never heard of it. could be a... more

hmm, I don't know if I'd like seeing a guy who... more

looks cool enough, but never heard of it...

are these things still around?

if you want to iphone, just get one already...:-P


Hot Cellphones 8.09: It's all about the iphone right now. And if not iphone, blackberry or G1 (aka the Google phone), then on to everything else... for me anyway.