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Mirrors 11.09

Rated three stars or better

Pottery Barn Markham Mirror

West Elm Antique Tiled Mirror

Target Fluted Beveled Mirror

Target Avondale Beveled Mirror Collection

JCPenney Artesia Pyramid Mirror

West Elm Chunky Wood Floor Mirror

Target Ogden Dark Mirror by Grace Feyock

Distressed Faux Leather Rectangular Wall Mirror

Target Louis Phillipe Mirror

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Sekhinda on Mirrors 11.09: I love mirrors that are wide, square, or rectangular! My top picks would be mirrors that have different tones along the frame, unique effects, wood finish, etc. Then second would be solid colored... more

Aly on Mirrors 11.09: A great way to create the illusion of space is through mirrors. If you have a small space that feels cramped, go for a mirror that creates space by accenting its surrounding. Unless you are going... more

Joanna on Mirrors 11.09: Mirrors are an object that is often disregarded but yet so important! Please men, do not place mirrors on floor. Hang them up nicely and do it with style! Great decorative object and useful to... more

Fiona on Mirrors 11.09: i personally like a mix of vintage, modern and rustic looks to complete a room. dont try to overkill one style in a room. mix it up. show her you can be creative!

Christan on Mirrors 11.09: When a man has too many mirrors (or anyone for that matter) is it usually a bad sign. If they have one that is plain and/or meant to add a aesthetically pleasing ambience to the room, then I like... more

Padmini on Mirrors 11.09: mirrors are like paintings and should be treated like art, not just utilitarian glass

Jacqueline on Mirrors 11.09: The West Elm mirrors are my favorite. I'm all about simplicity but I'm also into style. The PERFECT combination of the two!

Sierra on Mirrors 11.09: just don't keep mirrors looks like you're obsessive with how you look

Anna on Mirrors 11.09: the larger the mirror, the larger the ego