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Dressers 10.09

Rated three stars or better

Crate and Barrel Brighton Four-Drawer Chest

Ellis 4 Drawers Dresser

IKEA Hemnes 8-drawer dresser

West Elm Cube Cutout 6-Drawer Dresser

Ashley Furniture, Averille Dresser

Grandpa's Cabin 7-Drawer Dresser

Ashley Furniture, Ariel Dresser

Lifestyle Solutions 234 Series 6 Drawer Double Dresser and Mirror

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Sekhinda on Dressers 10.09: I love the darker colored dressers the best ! Next would be the Expresso colors, oaks, and light browns. Overall I love dressers that have a grown sophisticated look & style. In addition four and... more

Celeste on Dressers 10.09: I'm a fan of more contemporary furniture, so a guy with the lighter wood, more antique dressers might come off a little older than he intends to, in my opinion.

Fiona on Dressers 10.09: Im not a big fan of big, overbearing, antique looking pieces. Boudoirs do not belong in a single man's home. Modern with a vintage feel is always hip. Modern pieces that are too abstract looking... more

Joanna on Dressers 10.09: Dressers are very important in a bedroom. It's something you can put storage on top of (like baskets or valets) and they put together a room well. Make sure it matches with the rest of your... more

Jenna on Dressers 10.09: If you care enough to have a beautiful piece of furniture in your home... you are good to go in my book!