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Helping designers and retailers forecast demand

Designers and retailers are expected to do the impossible...forecast demand for 100s of products in a constantly changing market. But what if you could ask your best customers what they liked best before each buying decision. Color and other product details can now be objectively measured before you commit financially to an order. You'll know which products to market most aggressively, which colors to produce, and what product details will drive consumer demand.

Our forecasting methodology leverages your knowledge of the market to recruit a small, but carefully screened panel with similar taste to your ‘best’ customers. The final output is a report which forecasts demand for 100s of products across multiple markets.

We use several unique screening criteria to identify suitable panelists:
1) What sells. We screen for women who love at least one of your best selling products from last season.

2) Status. You have an instinct for how customers view themselves from a status perspective. To separate individuals who simply like something from those who would actually buy it means recruiting a panel with a similar perceived status to your customers. This is accomplished through a proprietary screening mechanism we will present to you during the live demo.

3) Influence. It's no accident that the women on the runways are young and beautiful. We recruit young, attractive women for your panel not because they start the trend, but because they are far more likely to travel in circles that do. We can survey any demographic, but find this population to be not only predictive of sales, but helpful for selling the research to influencers and decisions makers who might be viewing the results.

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About Hertaste

Hertaste is a market research firm founded in 2007 which polls women to support product development and demand planning for the apparel industry. Our website www.hertaste.com is Hertaste’s public engine to assist men in the areas of style, decorating, and gift giving.