» Want a spot check on an outfit before an important first date?

» Is that designer shirt worth the money?

» Will getting that BMW in yellow help you stand out or strike out?

Post a photo and some background on a key purchase/fashion decision and get private feedack from a panel of exactly the types of girls you want to meet.

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Why would I bother doing this?
Here are some other things you can ask the panel if you're looking for ideas.

Want to know if a certain restaurant would be appropriate for a first date?... ask your type of woman and find out.

Want to know what car color will make her look twice?.... ask your type of woman and find out.

Just bought some new shirts you found on sale?....there's often a reason they were on sale and a woman's perspective will let you know which ones to keep and which ones to return.

Want to know if that outfit a personal shopper picked out is going to attract other personal shoppers or your type of woman? Run photos of yourself wearing the outfit past a sample of your type of woman and you'll see which pieces are worth the money.

Want to know if you look good for a job interview that will be conducted by a woman? Run a photo of yourself wearing the outfit past a few more upscale women on our panel and find out.

The problem with most advice online including product reviews and forums is that the most active users are the ones with the most free time to post comments. Our panelists have gone to schools like Harvard, Tufts and some pretty bad ones too, but about half have master's degrees and are here to have fun and help you. You can review profiles to see whose taste is compatible with yours. They don't do it because they care about fashion; they do it because they care about people and being appreciated for something in addition to their looks.