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Q: Should guys shave their chests? What about their backs?
A: I think shaving the chest is optional. Or rather it depends on the quantity of chest hair and if the guy is willing to maintain the chest "clean". Back hair, on the other hand, should always be shaved. I really don't find it at all attractive.

Q: How often should a guy talk to his mom on the phone? What are the tell tale signs of a mamma's boy?
A: A guy can talk to his mom on the phone as much as he likes. That doesn't make a "mama's boy". And it's great when a man has a good relationship with his mother. The problem comes when he relies on her for things he should be getting elsewhere and can't take a step without her.

Q: What kind of guy can pull off bald? What kind can't?
A: Being able to pull off the bald look is very hard. If you're severely lacking in the hair department, then maybe it's wise to consider a bald look. Otherwise, I think shape of head and eyes is important. Have to see it to be able to tell, but the head definitely can't be a weird shape and I think you need to have pretty facial features. Otherwise you risk looking too "butch".

Q: Is a guy who buys you more than one drink at a bar trying to get you drunk or just being nice?"
A: If more than one drink is 2, then it's being nice. If he can't wait for me to finish my drink and offers 5 more, then I get suspicious.

Q: Have you ever accepted a date with a guy just to be nice? What happened?
A: Yes, unfortunately. Nothing good ever came of it, because I never ended up feeling suddenly attracted to the guy. And usually later the guy would desperately try to get my attention (with phone calls, texts, etc), but I just wasn't interested. And then I ended up being the "bad guy" in the situation...

Q: How many partners would a guy need to sleep with to be considered a manwhore?
A: My opinion is over 15 or 20. However, it sort of depends on age...

Q: What do you think about clothes that prominently display the designer's name on the item? What kind of impression does this make on a guy? When is something too flashy?
A: I think any clothes that display a designer's name front and center are tacky. I don't appreciate "bling" being displayed by insecure guys. It's definitely a turn-off. Designer clothes are about the fit and the elegance or edge they offer to your image, not about being "flashy" and ridiculous.