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Q: Should guys shave their chests? What about their backs?
A: I think that is a little odd. I can't say that it is a bad idea for all guys! I do NOT want to feel a fur rug when you hold me next to you but a little makes you manly and kind of sexy. I would also suggest thinking about waxing before shaving. I don't want to feel stubble either! If you do it, you have to stick to it!

Q: How many partners would a guy need to sleep with to be considered a manwhore?
A: I don't think there is a number but more than 1 girl a month.

Q: How long into a relationship would you expect a nice gift for a Birthday or Valentine's Day? What would be a nice gift?
A: Completely depends but after three months or meeting the parents would be a good bet. A nice gift would be something that you would never buy for your sister. Something that sparkles, something that is a little sexy, or something that is important to her but she would not buy for herself.

Q: What is a good way to meet his mom? How should he introduce you to his mom for the first time?
A: A family party is a good idea. Give her plenty of time to prepare because we want to make a good impression. Also a party is nice because she can spend as little or as much time with your mother as she feels comfortable. Make sure that you both understand where the relationship is, if you are friends, if she is your girlfriend, or whatever the situation may be.

Q: How can a guy tell if a woman is into him only for his money?
A: This is a really hard question! The girl will try to play it off like she is not but most likely she will assume that you will pay for everything. And she might even ask for things off the bat. Just see if you are really similar or if she just seems to be playing a role.

Q: Is there such a thing as too poor? Would you consider dating a guy who wasn't successful?
A: No such thing. There is so much that is more important than being rich! While girls like gifts, they also just like to be treated right. I think that if you don't have the money, then you just have to be more creative in presentation. Walks in the park, romantic dinners at home, etc.

Q: If a guy's been married, how should he bring it up? When is a good time?
A: As soon as possible! Don't lead girls on, please!

Q: How do you feel about guys who walk around naked after in the kitchen making a sandwich?
A: That completely depends on how nice his body is! But I would suggest at least clean boxers or a sheet.

Q: What do the type of shoes a girl wears say about her? Help a guy understand women's obsession with shoes.
A: They are something small that we feel make a HUGE impact! Commenting on our shoes can be big brownie points. Little things make us feel pretty because there are only so many shirts and skirts we can have. But shoes can be so different and little things like bows or jewels just make us feel special!

Q: How would you rate a plane as a place to strike up conversations with a woman? If he bought you something from Skymall, would this help his chances?
A: Good try but that could be hard to follow up on. Try a coffee or snack before an actual gift. Some women might see that as too soon.